About PageFair

PageFair’s mission is to sustain the open web by re-establishing a fair deal between users and content creators.

PageFair Ads serve advertising in a manner that adblockers are unable to circumvent, and solves the speed, privacy, and UX issues that cause adblocking in the first place.

PageFair Analytics is used by thousands of publishers for free, and measures over 12 billion pageviews per month.

PageFair is the global authority on adblocking trends, and is cited by The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, Advertising Age, and others.

PageFair solves problems for users, publishers, and advertisers.

  • Respect for users: PageFair improves UX by removing clutter, speeding up page load time, respecting user privacy, and guaranteeing security.
  • Publisher empowerment: PageFair gives publishers the ability to sell a new premium segment, and leverage first-party data.
  • Increased value for advertisers: PageFair’s technology enables a totally new and uncluttered space on the web.


Sean Blanchfield

CEO & Co-founder

Sean was previously an online games publishing entrepreneur, and co-founder of DemonWare, which created the advanced networking technology that powers over 100 video games including the $11bn+ Call of Duty franchise.

I’m interested in:

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