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Blockthrough acquisition of PageFair Frequently Asked Questions

Where there are ads, there are adblockers. Publishers have struggled to cope with the adblock revenue loss problem, as evidenced by the fact that publishers worldwide lost $42B in revenue to adblocking in 2017.

Blockthrough, makers of the market’s highest-yielding adblock revenue recovery product, has acquired PageFair, the industry-leading adblock analytics platform and market research authority on adblocking.

This acquisition brings together the complementary strengths of two great companies — Blockthrough’s world-class adblock revenue recovery technology with PageFair’s reliable, widely-installed adblock analytics platform, proprietary market data, and unparalleled domain expertise.

The combination of Blockthrough’s proven revenue recovery tools and PageFair’s powerful analytics solution creates the market’s most comprehensive adblock revenue recovery solution, delivered by a single vendor.

This acquisition brings together best-in-class technologies, products, and expertise across adblock revenue recovery, to better serve publishers with a unified platform:

  • With 10 years of collective experience, the company possesses the know-how to identify and execute on sustainable revenue-generating opportunities for publishers in this complex adblocking space
  • PageFair Founder and CEO Sean Blanchfield is joining Blockthrough’s Advisory Board and will assist in the transition in advising the management team
  • PageFair customers now have access to:
    • The highest-yielding adblock revenue recovery solution in the industry
    • Easy setup, rapid implementation, and a true set-and-forget solution
  • PageFair customers can look forward to updates to the analytics platform which will give publishers a more thorough and detailed analysis of the impact of adblocking on their business
There are no changes. It’s business as usual. Your account manager would be glad to answer any of your questions.
There are no changes. You can still log in to your PageFair analytics account with the same credentials. If you have any questions about your account, log in and use our site messenger at the bottom right or send us an email.
Also, if you’d like to learn more about Blockthrough’s adblock recovery and start recovering revenue immediately, fill out this form and our team will be in touch shortly.
Founded in 2015, Toronto-based Blockthrough is the world’s leading Adblock Revenue Recovery solution for publishers. Blockthrough is committed to helping publishers recover revenue lost to adblocking in a sustainable manner, by delivering a safe, light, and unintrusive ad experience to adblock users who are opted in to Acceptable Ads. Our balanced approach enables us to monetize 2-4x better than other solutions on the market, with an easy-to-implement, always-on solution.
PageFair’s adtech expertise comes from over half a decade at the forefront of the adblocking challenge. Their comprehensive analysis of the state of the blocked web is widely regarded as the authority on adblocking. Access to PageFair’s repository of analyses, explainers, and official documents can be found here and you can keep up to date by subscribing to PageFair Insider here.

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