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Things we learned this week:

Online Advertisers hope to close the mobile revenue gap, while AdParlor makes its way to Twitter. But are the advances in technology making the online advertising system far too complex? Here’s a look at this week’s digest.

How Publishers Hope to Close the Mobile Revenue Gap

“Mobile is rising fast as a traffic source, with publishers reporting anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of their overall traffic coming from mobile. The problem is mobile ad rates are still a fraction of what they are for desktop.”

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AdParlor Makes Its Way To Twitter

“Up to now, performance marketer Adknowledge’s AdParlor platform has served agencies and advertisers solely on Facebook, but it will now extend its work as the newest Twitter API partner.”

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Is Online Advertising Getting Too Complex?

“Just how complex has online advertising become? Very — especially among the biggest spenders.
The top advertisers’ online ad campaigns are nearly six times as complex as the average, according to data provided to Ad Age by DG MediaMind.”

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How Publishers Measure Native Ads

“Publishers still aren’t sure how to measure the effectiveness of native ads. Some say pageviews are the answer. Others say the proof is in engagement. At the Digiday Publishing Summit this week, we asked several publishers how they quantify the success of native ads at their publications.”

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Google Made A Huge Change To Its Search Algorithm To Make Ads More Intrusive

“Google made a big change to the way it displays advertising alongside search results yesterday, one that will likely result in users seeing bigger search ads with more links in them at the top of search pages.”

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The Price of Digital Media Complexity: Bad Ad Placements

“When marketers buy online ads, they typically don’t expect them to to show up alongside beheading videos. But perhaps they should. That’s because the online advertising system, like it or not, has been so complexly constructed that is literally impossible to be 100 percent certain where your ads are appearing.”

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Publishers, Agencies Say Native Ads Should Look More Like Editorial, Not Less

“The American Magazine Media Conference wasted little time Tuesday delving into one of the ad world’s most buzz-worthy and controversial topics: native advertising, the sponsored posts designed to get readers’ attention by more or less mimicking the editorial.”

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Google Plus Remains an Afterthought for Publishers

“Out in California, Google held an event on Tuesday to sell the assembled media on a story: Forget all the carping, Google Plus is healthy and growing. Three hundred million users. One-and-a-half billion photos uploaded each week.”

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Google Cranks Up Ads In Search As Keyword Prices Decline

“Google has begun to place large banner-size images atop search listings for certain brands, such as Southwest Airlines. Digital marketing company Synrgy first spotted the gargantuan ads on Wednesday, and Google has confirmed the test.”

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