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Things we learned this week:

Online advertising continues to hit double digit growth, as new challenges arise from controversy over third-party cookies. The value of ad impressions and clicks are called into question as middlemen are gaming the system. Here are some more of the things we learned this week.

IAB Study: Online Ad Revenue Continues Double-Digit Growth Report shows explosive mobile growth

“Here’s some good news for the digital media industry: revenue from online advertising saw double-digit growth in the first six months of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to the IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.”

via AdWeek

Reaching Customers In An Increasingly Cookieless World

“48% of marketers feel that they are proficient in digital marketing – are they really? Adobe Director of Marketing Tim Waddell lead an Advertising Week X panel discussion featuring Paul Longo, SVP Performance Strategy & Activation at Mediavest, and Jeremy Lockhorn, VP of Emerging Media at Razorfish, that went in-depth on the new challenges being faced in digital marketing, including data management, segmentation strategies, the rise of the second screen, and consumer experience.”

via AWSC

Get Money: How to Scam Big Brand Ad Budgets

“Despite what agencies and vendors might claim, the Internet remains something of a Wild West when it comes to advertising. There are still plenty of nefarious actors out there attempting to game the system and trick advertisers into paying for clicks and ad impressions that aren’t exactly what those advertisers would consider ‘real’.”

via Adage

The Arrival Of Ads On Instagram

“It’s been expected for a long time — we broke the news last December — that ads are coming to Instagram. Yesterday, while everyone in tech was obsessing over Twitter’s imminent IPO filing, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom approved this post on the company blog that says yes, indeed, ads will arrive on Instagram”

via Business Insider

Bye, Bye Cookie: Microsoft Plots Its Own Tracking Technology to Span Desktop, Mobile, Xbox

“Microsoft is set to become the latest tech giant to develop its own tracking technology to replace the ubiquitous “cookie,” which has become the focus of regulators and privacy advocates.”

via AdAge

The Newest Twist on the Paywall

“In 2011, The Dallas Morning News was one of the leaders in the move by newspapers to roll out a paywall. Two years later, it’s rethinking that approach. In a new digital strategy Tuesday that offers readers a choice: Come to a free site that’s loaded with ads or spend $11.96 a month to get a cleaner site with fewer ads, plus perks like access to events or baseball tickets.”

via Digiday

What to Do When the Cookie Jar Is Empty

“For 10+ years we have feasted on an endless supply of cookies for behavioral targeting, but major challenges with our Internet advertising diet are starting to show. There are legislative and privacy challenges; technology shifts, like browsers and mobile devices blocking 3rd Party cookies by default; and marketers themselves are feeling the pain of this diet as more and more channels are adding weight to their digital ad spend, so cutting out “empty calories” and tactics that don’t produce results is a must.”

via AdAge