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This Week In Advertising:

Yahoo launches a new banner ad product, while real time bidding aims to disrupt mobile advertising. Facebook’s increase in traffic is drawing more attention to the platform from publishers.  Here’s a look at this week’s Ad News.

Yahoo Goes Big With New Banner Ad Product

“Yahoo continued its long tradition of copycatting its competitors’ advertising strategies by announcing Wednesday the launch of Yahoo Image Ads, “native” photo ads that will appear within Yahoo slideshows. Although late to native image ads, Yahoo is making it harder for its users to skip those ads.”

via Digiday

Why Real-Time Bidding Is Changing Mobile Advertising

“Real-time bidding is to digital advertising what high-frequency trading is to Wall Street. Computerized, algorithm-driven trading allows for the quick buying of ad impressions according to pre-set parameters.”

via Business Insider

Why Facebook Is Wooing Publishers: Traffic

“Facebook is trying to woo news publishers with the currency they all understand: traffic. Facebook said today the traffic it has sent to media sites in the past year has tripled, confirming what Digiday has already previously reported. Considering Facebook has a billion members, that’s a lot of traffic.”

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YouTube’s Mobile Apps Get Their First ‘Native’ Takeover Ad

“YouTube’s highest profile ad placement has a new home and a new look. This week YouTube extended its homepage-takeover ad to the Google-owned video service’s mobile apps for the first time. And to mark the occasion, YouTube has updated the ad’s look on smartphones and tablets with a so-called native aesthetic.”

via Adage

Tumblr Launches Another Mobile Ad Product

“Tumblr will start the new year off with a new way to make money from its mobile audience, but it’s giving members an early preview of what to expect. The unit marks Tumblr’s fifth ad product and its second tailored just for mobile.”

via CNET

Facebook And Google About To Overtake TV In Audience Size

“This weekend, Business Insider wrote a long, detailed piece covering all the ways cable is losing subscribers and television advertising dollars are poised to move to digital media. A recent analyst note from Macquarie Capital should also be worrisome for those making money in the TV advertising ecosystem, but for a different reason.

via Business Insider

The Urban Legends of Mobile Advertising

“It seems that every year is dubbed by someone as “the year of mobile” – yet mobile leads at agencies continue to complain that their budgets are woefully insufficient. The idea that mobile is revolutionizing advertising is just one of many myths about this relatively new but fast-growing medium – some more true than others.”

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