Introducing PageFair Ads

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At PageFair we aim to help websites survive the explosive growth of adblocking. One of the first features we built was the ability to show an appeal to your adblockers, asking them to re-enable your ads or to make a small donation. PageFair appeals have run on hundreds of websites, and we’re disappointed to say that they have not proven effective at changing people’s behavior.

The statistics

  • We ran 576 appeals on 220 different websites.

    • Only 0.33% of adblockers that were shown an appeal added an adblock exception
    • Of those 0.33%, one-third eventually removed the exception.
  • Only 3 users per million who were given the option to make a donation did so. This represents less than $0.01 CPM.
    • Using this appeals method, publishers were only earning $10 per million visitors.
    • This is just 1/25th the revenue that a publisher could earn from Google Adsense.

The bottom line is that donations simply cannot replace the revenue from traditional digital advertising. In response, we’ve introduced a new product in order to find a more sustainable medium between publishers and their visitors.

Introducing PageFair Ads

PageFair Ads is an “acceptable advertising” service, which means that our ads have been whitelisted by the Adblock Plus community and will be shown by default to most users of that plugin. We believe the acceptable advertising initiative reflects the position of the vast majority of adblockers, and we have embraced it wholeheartedly. With PageFair Ads you will be able to display static non-animated advertising to your adblocking audience. We will initially support text advertising only, but in time we plan to permit other acceptable advertising formats. You will be able to run direct-sold and house campaigns, and also enable the display of network ads from our partners.

We aim to make acceptable ads easier to adopt and we believe that PageFair ads is just the first step in a long road to find a realistic solution to help keep the internet free.

If you’d like to learn more about our new service, please contact us here.