PageFair Cartoon: the Adblocking Racket

The PageFair Team Adblocking

PageFair’s take on profiteering in the adblocking industry can be summed up by our cartoon from Irish satirist Graeme Keyes.


The dust seems to have settled in the three weeks since the surprise announcement that AdBlock Plus would be running its own ad exchange, but the reaction among publishers and advertisers was almost universally negative. The adblocking industry may be serving the needs of Internet users suffering from almost twenty years of appalling ads, but it also, especially under the guise of the Acceptable Ads program, serves its own needs.

Google and AppNexus were quick to distance themselves from the news and even AdBlock Plus appeared to want to do the same, which meant that nobody was quite sure just what, if anything, Eyeo had up its sleeve.

Much of the adblocking public is blissfully unaware that AdBlock Plus profits from adblocking, so this could explain why Eyeo wanted to focus on a positive spin as the news suddenly erupted into mainstream consciousness.

Whatever happens with the supposedly slicker Acceptable Ads program, it’s likely that the negative comments and mafia comparisons will continue…