The Need to Know Adblock Slidedeck (updated!)

Dr Johnny Ryan Uncategorized 2 Comments

Dr Johnny Ryan of PageFair presented at The Advertising Research Foundation in New York this month.

This presentation includes

  • The latest adblock figures globally and for the US
  • Demographic discussion of who adblock users are
  • Options for media owners to address adblocking, from access restriction to tamper-proof ad serving
  • Unexpected benefitsĀ for marketers from the adblocking crisis



He was speaking alongsideĀ Omnicom, Annalect, and Intel.

  • Josiah Sin Soong Ern

    And in 2017 I’m also starting to see adblocking software that can counter workarounds by “acceptable ads”, pagefair like systems and more sophisticated adblock walls like those used by without any help from noscript. Users just have to keep their adblocking software updated and the system works.

  • Vishal Tyagi

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