PageFair is joining forces with Blockthrough

Sean Blanchfield Adblocking, General

We are pleased to announce that Blockthrough has acquired PageFair. Together, the combined company is the clear leader in adblock mitigation solutions, and will offer the industry’s highest-yielding adblock revenue recovery solution from Blockthrough, combined with the ubiquitous PageFair analytics platform, plus market insights derived from data spanning a combined 10+ years of experience helping  publishers tackle adblocking. In 2012, PageFair foresaw adblock’s impact on digital publishers and we dedicated the intervening years to help publishers navigate the adblock revenue loss problem with transparency and integrity. I am very proud of the incredible team members who helped us build PageFair into a trusted industry brand. They succeeded not only in getting the adblock problem recognised as a top priority for the media industry, but they also built truly innovative technology that recovered millions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of quality websites around the world.…

Thinking Big in Cuba

Donal Kerr General

Cuba is a fascinating country. It forces you to think about big issues such as wealth and its creation and distribution, free speech, poverty, health care provision and education - and how to pay for it all. If you are interested in economics or capitalism, then Cuba is like a vast experiment. Cuba has little or no print or billboard advertising - most adverts are government information campaigns or propaganda. Despite all of this, Cuba is slowly opening up to the world and US sanctions are likely to be lifted soon. The main causes for the poor state of the Cuban Internet are the US trade embargo, infrastructure poverty and the government's fear of information. With its 11 million citizens slowly getting internet access over the next few years, the country is in a unique position - how to invest effectively in the collective interest to provide internet access?

Halloween Security Breach

Sean Blanchfield General, Uncategorized

PageFair security breach has been resolved – here is what you need to know. Update 10 – 20:57 GMT, 7 November 2015: How to check if you were exposed You deserve to know if you were placed at risk during this attack.  If you did download and install the fake Adobe Flash update shown to you, you need to know that the trojan is on your computer Windows computer has been removed by your anti-virus software.…

Advertising: Backdoor for Malware

David Barton Adblocking, General, Uncategorized

PageFair’s recent report revealed that global adblocking has increased by 41% over the last twelve months. Internet users are turning to adblocking to avoid annoying advertising and tracking. But a more troubling concern is gradually bubbling up into mainstream awareness and may lead more users than ever to adblock in future: malicious advertising, or “malvertising”.…