Why the GDPR ‘legitimate interest’ provision will not save you

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The “legitimate interest” provision in the GDPR will not save behavioral advertising and data brokers from the challenge of obtaining consent for personally identifiable data. As previous PageFair analysis illustrates, personally identifiable data (PII) will become toxic except where it has been obtained and used with consent once the General Data Protection Regulation is applied in May 2018. Even so, many advertising intermediaries believe that they can continue to use PII data without consent because of an apparent carve-out related to “legitimate interest” contained in the GDPR. This is a false hope.

ISP adblocking + Zimbabwe = death of online freedom?

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Network-level adblocking may be illegal in Europe and the US, but it is a direct threat to the developing world. Can the next billion look forward to a free Internet, or will dictators and tycoons control what they see? Three months ago we warned that network-level adblocking is a risky idea in countries with a weak democratic tradition. Now our worst fears have come true. Shine is partnering with Econet, Zimbabwe’s leading mobile ISP, to deliver network-level adblocking in a corrupt country with a track record of oppression, a moribund economy and a defunct currency.…

Halloween Security Breach

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PageFair security breach has been resolved – here is what you need to know. Update 10 – 20:57 GMT, 7 November 2015: How to check if you were exposed You deserve to know if you were placed at risk during this attack.  If you did download and install the fake Adobe Flash update shown to you, you need to know that the trojan is on your computer Windows computer has been removed by your anti-virus software.…

Destructoid is not alone

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Wow, what a week. Niero Gonzalez over at Destructoid posted a terrific article on how adblocking is affecting their business, including how they used our service to help diagnose the problem. Where were you when your favorite gaming site died?
Destructoid While we were at a team member’s bachelor party on Saturday, the adblocking debate re-ignited, appearing on Reddit, HackerNews and Slashdot. Sunday’s hangover was quickly forgotten as we worked hard to scale up our server infrastructure to cope with the sudden demand, with some of the biggest websites in the world signing up to the service. With the crisis under control, we want to take an opportunity to add some more data to the conversation. We want to help websites survive.…