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This Week In Advertising: Yahoo launches a new banner ad product, while real time bidding aims to disrupt mobile advertising. Facebook’s increase in traffic is drawing more attention to the platform from publishers.  Here’s a look at this week’s Ad News. Yahoo Goes Big With New Banner Ad Product “Yahoo continued its long tradition of copycatting its competitors’ advertising strategies by announcing Wednesday the launch of Yahoo Image Ads, “native” photo ads that will appear within Yahoo slideshows. Although late to native image ads, Yahoo is making it harder for its users to skip those ads.” via Digiday Why Real-Time Bidding Is Changing Mobile Advertising “Real-time bidding is to digital advertising what high-frequency trading is to Wall Street. Computerized, algorithm-driven trading allows for the quick buying of ad impressions according to pre-set parameters.” via Business Insider Why Facebook Is Wooing Publishers: Traffic “Facebook is trying to woo news publishers with the currency they all understand: traffic.…

YouTube Shoots Google In Foot

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YouTube pre-roll ads are driving users to install adblocking software, which in turn is having devastating effects on independent publishers. Google, who last year earned 97% of their revenue from online advertising (over $32 billion) has a product that drives people to block ads. Crazy, right? While Google may be able to reduce the impact of adblocking, many smaller publishers shut down or set up premium subscriptions to make up for lost ad revenue. But according to AdBlock users, traditional advertising is not the problem- it’s intrusive advertising that they can’t stand. More-so, they’re fed up with pre-roll YouTube ads, especially when the video they’re trying to watch isn’t much longer than the ad itself. In a recent lively discussion on Reddit, these pre-roll ads were cited as the most frequent motivation for installing adblock.…

Ad-News for Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Online Advertisers hope to close the mobile revenue gap, while AdParlor makes its way to Twitter. But are the advances in technology making the online advertising system far too complex? Here’s a look at this week’s digest. How Publishers Hope to Close the Mobile Revenue Gap “Mobile is rising fast as a traffic source, with publishers reporting anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of their overall traffic coming from mobile. The problem is mobile ad rates are still a fraction of what they are for desktop.” via DigiDay AdParlor Makes Its Way To Twitter “Up to now, performance marketer Adknowledge’s AdParlor platform has served agencies and advertisers solely on Facebook, but it will now extend its work as the newest Twitter API partner.” via AdExchanger Is Online Advertising Getting Too Complex?

PageFair at Ad:Tech New York 2013

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PageFair will be attending Ad:Tech New York– a digital marketing event on November 6th and 7th. Please feel free to join us in conversation about advertising, adblocking, and what we have in store for the future. Some of the keynote speakers will include Sheryl Connelly of Ford Motor Company, Pete Blackshaw of Nestlé, and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. A list of exhibiting companies can be found here. If you’d like to connect while we are in NYC, please contact us on Twitter or through our contact form.…

228 Days Later: The Destructoid Review

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It’s been 228 days since Destructoid blew the lid on adblocking. We caught up with editor Niero Gonzalez to see what the fallout has been. Apocalypse Now Online publishers are facing difficult times. Consumers are fighting back against intrusive ads, while publishers are doing everything they can to maintain ad revenue. Advances in technology, such as ad blocking software and limitations or alternatives to third party cookies are creating a difficult situation that many publishers fear can only end badly. Many forget that in the middle of this conflict are those who are really paying the price.…

Ad-news For Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Online advertising continues to hit double digit growth, as new challenges arise from controversy over third-party cookies. The value of ad impressions and clicks are called into question as middlemen are gaming the system. Here are some more of the things we learned this week. IAB Study: Online Ad Revenue Continues Double-Digit Growth Report shows explosive mobile growth “Here’s some good news for the digital media industry: revenue from online advertising saw double-digit growth in the first six months of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to the IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.” via AdWeek Reaching Customers In An Increasingly Cookieless World “48% of marketers feel that they are proficient in digital marketing – are they really?…

Ad-news For Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Google may tighten their hold on the ad industry with a new alternative to cookies. New research suggests this may be irrelevant as most online ad-targeting data is inaccurate, for example getting a person’s gender wrong 35% of the time. In the meantime publishers are continuing to move towards automation of ad sales, but hedging their bets by comparing performance to human sales teams. Here are some of the things we learned this week. A Google Cookie Replacement Could Upend Online Advertising “Publishers and others worried about the decline of cookies, the web’s foundational technology for targeting display advertising, may welcome an effort by Google to come up with a replacement. But such a move would also drastically grow the search giant’s grasp on the industry.” via Adage Online Data: Cheap, Plentiful, Inaccurate “Web data, we’re told, is the new oil.…

Dealing With Adblock: 5 Options That Don’t Work

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In 1984 Stewart Brand famously said to Steve Wozniak that “information wants to be free”. Nearly 30 years later, 2.4 billion people are enjoying a lot of “free” information online. Unfortunately, those who create this valuable content are still searching for ways to be properly paid. Users of adblock claim that it’s up to publishers to move away from their current advertising-based revenue model; unfortunately adblock’s suggestions for alternatives are conspicuous by their absence. With more visitors than ever blocking ads, what other ways can publishers get paid for the content they produce?…

Adblock Adds Insult to Injury with New Campaign

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Last week Adblock, a popular adblocking extension, announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help finance internet ads. You didn’t misunderstand: Adblockers are asking for our help to purchase online advertisements. The extension that vows to fight the online ad industry is now using the same system to spread their message. Adblock acknowledges that the plan is slightly unusual, while others have commented that it’s just plain hypocritical.…