Acceptable Ads Soothe Google Pain

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Not long after Google controversially removed the Adblock Plus app from their Play Store, they paid the very same company to include their ads on the Acceptable Advertising whitelist- a list of ads Adblock Plus has deemed acceptable for its users to view. The move has raised serious questions about the approval process for acceptable ads, but also highlights the threat presented by ad blocking.…

Solving the Adblocking Crisis: 3 Rules of Acceptable Advertising

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Online advertising is hitting a crisis point.  Many websites are discovering that nearly  half of their visitors are blocking ads, deeply cutting into the revenues they depend on for survival. As a web publisher, it’s time to start paying attention to why end users are flocking towards adblocking tools like AdBlockPlus. People install adblocking tools out of frustration. Visitors come to your site to enjoy your content, not your ads. Ads that are heavily animated or play sounds get in their way, and are the number one reason people use AdBlockPlus. Even worse are ads that directly intrude on the content, such as interstitials, pre-rolls and popouts. If you show these kinds of ads, you will drive some of your visitors to install adblock. …

Destructoid is not alone

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Wow, what a week. Niero Gonzalez over at Destructoid posted a terrific article on how adblocking is affecting their business, including how they used our service to help diagnose the problem. Where were you when your favorite gaming site died?
Destructoid While we were at a team member’s bachelor party on Saturday, the adblocking debate re-ignited, appearing on Reddit, HackerNews and Slashdot. Sunday’s hangover was quickly forgotten as we worked hard to scale up our server infrastructure to cope with the sudden demand, with some of the biggest websites in the world signing up to the service. With the crisis under control, we want to take an opportunity to add some more data to the conversation. We want to help websites survive.…