228 Days Later: The Destructoid Review

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It’s been 228 days since Destructoid blew the lid on adblocking. We caught up with editor Niero Gonzalez to see what the fallout has been. Apocalypse Now Online publishers are facing difficult times. Consumers are fighting back against intrusive ads, while publishers are doing everything they can to maintain ad revenue. Advances in technology, such as ad blocking software and limitations or alternatives to third party cookies are creating a difficult situation that many publishers fear can only end badly. Many forget that in the middle of this conflict are those who are really paying the price.…

Destructoid is not alone

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Wow, what a week. Niero Gonzalez over at Destructoid posted a terrific article on how adblocking is affecting their business, including how they used our service to help diagnose the problem. Where were you when your favorite gaming site died?
Destructoid While we were at a team member’s bachelor party on Saturday, the adblocking debate re-ignited, appearing on Reddit, HackerNews and Slashdot. Sunday’s hangover was quickly forgotten as we worked hard to scale up our server infrastructure to cope with the sudden demand, with some of the biggest websites in the world signing up to the service. With the crisis under control, we want to take an opportunity to add some more data to the conversation. We want to help websites survive.…