Ten Key Things That Happened in Q4

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Amid the blizzard of press releases and conference tidbits concerning media, advertising, and adblocking, only some really matter. Here are the ten key things that happened in Q4. OCTOBER 1. US Department of Justice examines possible agency shenanigans.  It transpired that the US Department of Justice had launched an investigation into rigged bids that unfairly favored advertising agencies’ in-house services over others, at clients’ expense. The Association of National Advertisers’ report into agency kickbacks, released in June, exposed agency practises that shortchanged clients, and several big brand CMOs launched audits of their agencies. But the DOJ investigation now raises the stakes for agency executives: previous investigations in 2002 resulted in prison sentences. 2. Media consolidation AT&T agreed a deal to purchase Time Warner for $85.4 Billion.…

Advertising 2.0: why publishers must lead

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Earlier this month PageFair drew together global publishing leaders in the boardroom of The Financial Times to consider how best to address ad blocking. The fruit of that discussion is “Advertising 2.0: a call to think”, signed today by the CEOs of the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and Digital Content Next. These two industry bodies represent nearly 20,000 publishers and websites across the globe. The ‘call to think’ marks the beginning of a discussion on the future of advertising, and the first step in the global publishing industry’s response to ad blocking. As PageFair reports each year, we are seeing linear, not exponential, growth in ad blocking. Though publishers are certainly feeling the pain of ad blocking now, and some may already be failing as a result, ad blocking is not merely a short term phenomenon.…
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Ad Network Comparison

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While documenting the journey of new publishers and the motivation for intrusive advertising, we discovered that getting started with online advertising can be challenging. We’ve created this table to help small publishers choose an ad network that’s right for them, depending on their needs and the type of site they run. To start, simply choose the description in the first column that best describes your site. Each description is broad in order to encompass a large spectrum of websites. While browsing the columns, take note of what is important to you as a publisher- such as minimum payout amount or where in the world your audience is. Suggested ad networks are listed in the far right column.…

Ad-News For Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Google continues to dominate online advertising, and Facebook delays a new ad tactic. The growing problem of online ad fraud is a hot topic at this year’s annual IAB meeting. Here’s a list of what publishers need to know this week in advertising.…

Ad-news For Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Online advertising continues to hit double digit growth, as new challenges arise from controversy over third-party cookies. The value of ad impressions and clicks are called into question as middlemen are gaming the system. Here are some more of the things we learned this week. IAB Study: Online Ad Revenue Continues Double-Digit Growth Report shows explosive mobile growth “Here’s some good news for the digital media industry: revenue from online advertising saw double-digit growth in the first six months of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to the IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.” via AdWeek Reaching Customers In An Increasingly Cookieless World “48% of marketers feel that they are proficient in digital marketing – are they really?…

Ad-news For Publishers

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Things we learned this week: Google may tighten their hold on the ad industry with a new alternative to cookies. New research suggests this may be irrelevant as most online ad-targeting data is inaccurate, for example getting a person’s gender wrong 35% of the time. In the meantime publishers are continuing to move towards automation of ad sales, but hedging their bets by comparing performance to human sales teams. Here are some of the things we learned this week. A Google Cookie Replacement Could Upend Online Advertising “Publishers and others worried about the decline of cookies, the web’s foundational technology for targeting display advertising, may welcome an effort by Google to come up with a replacement. But such a move would also drastically grow the search giant’s grasp on the industry.” via Adage Online Data: Cheap, Plentiful, Inaccurate “Web data, we’re told, is the new oil.…