PageFair announces “Perimeter”, a regulatory firewall

Dr Johnny Ryan

Perimeter will protect apps & websites from regulatory (GDPR) risk by blocking all non compliant 3rd parties, and enabling compliant adtech.

December 19, 2017

Dublin, Ireland (19 December, 2017) – PageFair announces the launch of Perimeter, a regulatory firewall to enable online advertising under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sean Blanchfield, CEO of PageFair, said “We built Perimeter to enable all media owners to operate within an ethical data/media industry that prevents brands from being exposed to risk under the GDPR, and enables relevant advertising to sustain the online media industry”.

Two years in development, PageFair Perimeter fixes online media’s two biggest challenges under the GDPR: 3rd party data leakage, and tracking.

Solving the crisis of 3rd party data leakage

Websites and apps routinely leak information about their users to 3rd party companies in a manner that will be illegal under the GDPR.

According to Sean Blanchfield, CEO of PageFair, “online ads operate by actively disseminating their visitors’ IP addresses, unique IDs, and browsing history to countless 3rd parties – via header bidding, RTB bid requests, tracking pixels, cookie syncs, mobile SDKs, and javascript in ad creatives. If this continues it will expose everyone, from the publisher to the advertiser, to the triple risk of fines, litigation and brand damage.” 

Perimeter strictly blocks all third parties from accessing personal data, unless both publisher and data subject have given their consent. This tough data enforcement protects the publisher and advertiser from legal risk. 

Relevant ads, without tracking, when publishers and adtech can’t get consent

The GDPR will require that companies receive people’s consent before tracking online behavior. This is an enormous challenge for online media, because many websites and apps currently rely on the cooperation of tracking companies for revenue, but only a very small minority of people are expected to consent to being tracked for ads.

Perimeter enables publishers to sidestep this problem, and transition to ethical data use. Perimeter needs no personal data (nor the consent required to process it) to monetize websites and apps. PageFair has openly published its methods of non-personal data adtech, and is whitelisting a growing list of adtech vendors that are transitioning to ethical data under the GDPR. This new GDPR adtech stack enables frequency capping, attribution, impression counting, click counting, view-through counting, conversion counting, and fraud mitigation, all without personal data.

Perimeter will also re-enable audience targeting by using non-personal segments that can also interoperate with consent-bearing DMPs.

Today, PageFair also publishes a resource for publishers to check whether their adtech vendors are compliant with the GDPR, at


Perimeter includes a consent system. When people give adequate consent then publishers, adtech vendors and advertisers can use personal data, and Perimeter will interoperate with other compliant consent management platforms. Indeed, Perimeter is a necessary partner to make consent meaningful.

Adtech vendors are eager for publishers to collect consent on behalf of 3rd parties – but publishers must simultaneously block all parties who do not have consent, or else remain exposed to liabilities.


More detail about Perimeter

Perimeter brings privacy and data protection to the RTB/programmatic advertising ecosystem in the following ways:

  • Automatic removal of data leaking scripts from ads before they are rendered.
  • Prevention of unauthorized 3rd parties from accessing personal data.
  • Enforcement of data protection in RTB bid requests.
  • Enforcement of data protection in mobile SDK.

Perimeter comprises four components that protect website and app publishers, and all of their advertising partners.

  1. Server side ad rendering
    Controls data in bid requests and ad creatives
  2. Policy Manager
    Empowers publishers to decide what 3rd parties are permitted to run in their websites and apps.
  3. User Consent Manager
    Enables granular consent to be obtained, communicated, and withdrawn by users.
  4. Privacy-by-design adtech interoperation
    Perimeter is partnering with other adtech vendors who are innovating to be compatible with strict enforcement of privacy regulations. This re-enables all core campaign management, measurement and targeting features without depending on legally toxic tracking IDs or other personal data.

About PageFair

PageFair’s adtech expertise comes from half a decade at the forefront of the adblocking challenge. Its technology protects billions of ads per month from tampering by adblock companies, and automatically converts  intrusive ad formats in to LEAN formats to improve to user experience.

PageFair has a deep understanding of the GDPR. Its research notes on the GDPR are read by several thousand subscribers every month (Sign up to PageFair Insider to receive these), and it has been invited to present at the European Parliament, the World Federation of Advertisers, and the European Academy of Law. You can access PageFair’s repository of analyses, explainers, and official documents here.

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