PageFair tackles GDPR disruption with new data protection project

Matthew Cortland

New system will help advertising industry adapt to major regulatory upheaval

May 24, 2017

24 May 2017 (Dublin)PageFair has announced work on a new data protection platform to ensure compliance with and protection from legal liability under upcoming European data regulations. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and e-Privacy Regulation (e-PR) take aim at data tracking practice in today’s digital advertising supply chain, and are poised to upend the global advertising industry in exactly one year.

The new data protection platform will build upon PageFair’s server-side ad rendering technology, which adheres to strict standards of data protection to display ads that adblock software cannot disrupt. Similarly, it removes unauthorized trackers from ads before they reach consumers’ browsers. “Interest-Group Targeting” will ensure that ads remain relevant without the need for personally identifiable information. The platform will also support consent-management for users who wish to opt-in to more advanced ad targeting.

“GDPR has dramatic ramifications for the digital media supply chain in Europe and around the world”, said Sean Blanchfield, CEO and co-founder of PageFair. “We are designing technology to ensure that advertisers can continue to reach their audience and fund the open web, without exposing themselves, publishers, and the entire supply chain to catastrophic liabilities.”

GDPR and e-PR confront the digital media industry with two major challenges:

  • The exacting requirements for obtaining consumer consent are practically incompatible with the complexity of the existing advertising supply chain.
  • Personal data leakage, which is endemic to JavaScript-based ad serving, will expose all businesses involved to the risk of large lawsuits.

The data protection platform will integrate with publishers and ad tech partners. Go to to register interest.


PageFair put adblock on the global agenda in 2013, launching the first of its annual reports on the state of adblock. Today PageFair leads the world in technology solutions that help publishers manage adblock, and improve advertising experiences and privacy standards to resolve the issues that caused adblock usage to grow. PageFair is based in Dublin, Ireland, which is a pivotal jurisdiction of global data privacy issues.


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