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Ticking the box below allows us to use a company called MailChimp to send you research notes.

  • Every note we send includes links at the bottom with which you can change your details, or opt-out of receiving these notes.
  • The types of data that MailChimp stores for us are your contact data, professional description, simple preferences (for example, some users select HTML or plain text versions), frequency of access to these notes (counted using tracking pixels), and your general geographic region.
  • Should you believe your data are being misused, you can complain to a data protection authority.
  • MailChimp transfers personal data between the EU and the U.S. under the Privacy Shield agreement, which provides you a range of rights and safeguards intended to be equivalent to those provided in the EU.
  • The personal data you submit on this form are stored only so long as you wish to receive research notes from PageFair.