Consent-free RTB, that complies with the GDPR.


Maximize Inventory Value.
GDPR compliance is the No. 1 priority for media buyers (survey of the World Federation of Advertisers). PageFair PureBid makes your inventory GDPR safe, and renders ads on your site in a GDPR safe way.


GDPR Compliant
PageFair Ad Tracking Prevention is built into PureBid to tightly control data so that your ads comply with the GDPR.

Enhance Your UX
Perimeter and PureBid speeds up your site by controlling 3rd party scripts and assets.

Get The Best Price
PureBid can co-exist with your direct campaigns or other demand sources, so you always get the best price.

Don’t Rely On Consent
Reach 100% of your users with ads that do not require consent, while your competitors have to live with 3% – 20% opt-in rates.


Private. By Design.

PureBid works like a header bidder, but two things make it unique. It uses GDPR-safe bid requests that prevent personal data from entering the RTB system, and uses Ad Tracking Prevention to safeguard against tracking when an ad is delivered.


GDPR Safe Bid Requests

No personal data are shared with other companies.

PureBid bid requests contain only the following GDPR-safe data:

  • anonymized IP address (area geo-locating)
  • anonymized user agent string
  • full URL, if common (truncated URL if rare)
  • 1st party segment ID (coming soon)
  • and contextual segment ID (coming soon)

This protects all businesses involved in an advertising campaign from GDPR risk, and enables advertisers to target their segments.

PageFair Ad Tracking Prevention

PageFair Ad Tracking Prevention controls ad creatives to prevent trackers accessing the page. It renders ad creative JavaScript server-side to prevent trackers being placed on the page. It handles pixels etc. so that accounting works as usual.

PageFair serves 2 billion+ impressions per month this way, in partnership with AppNexus and IndexExchange.


Your Audience: The Key Business Asset.
Together, Perimeter and PureBid enable you to reach every part of your audience, and prevent others from stealing data about them.


Own Your Audience
PureBid prevents 3rd parties from stealing your audience and targeting them elsewhere.

Globally Compliant
PureBid doesn’t just comply with the GDPR in Europe, but helps your site adapt to new and upcoming regulations in China and other countries too.

Go On Safari
PureBid’s privacy-friendly advertising works where tracking-based ads don’t, so you can reach Apple Safari visitors, and ‘Do Not Track’ users.

Unblock Your Users
Serve ultra L.E.A.N. ad formats that solve users’ UX complaints, and that adblock can’t block.


Good News For User Experience.


No Consent Clutter
PureBid allows you to avoid confronting your visitors with opt-in requests for 3rd party tracking, and use data that do not require consent instead.

Data Protection
Your users have peace of mind that their data are not falling in to the wrong hands, because Perimeter & PureBid protect their personal data while they are on your site.

Pageload Speed Boost
Your page loads much faster, because Perimeter and PureBid stop a cascade of scripts and resources from slowing things down.


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PageFair protects publishers’ website & app advertising revenue.

Our technology protects billions of ads per month from tampering by adblock companies, and automatically re-renders intrusive ad formats in to LEAN standard ads to improve the user experience.

Perimeter and PureBid are the result of 24 months of intensive research and development, working with publishers, app developers, advertisers, adtech services, privacy NGOs, regulators, and law makers.

PageFair has a deep understanding of the GDPR. Our research notes on data protection and other industry issues are read by thousands of subscribers, and we have been invited to present at the European Academy of Law, the European Parliament, and the World Federation of Advertisers.

You can access PageFair’s repository of analyses, explainers, and official documents here.